Bull Basin Archer in tucson az
Archery Pro Shop for Bow Tune Up and Repairs

Complete Archery Service and Repair on All Makes of Compound and Traditional Bows.

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Bull Basin has the largest pro shop with the biggest inventory of the latest high quality archery equipment and accessories in Tucson. If you are a bowhunter, competitive archer, or recreational shooter we have what you need to keep your bow and and your shot in tune.

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We offer bow tuning, arrow fletching, custom bow strings, rest and site set-up and everything else an archer needs to keep their bow performing with accuracy on every shot.

Bull Basin welcomes its customers to shoot their bows in our air conditioned indoor shooting range so we can make sure your bow is set-up to give you the best performance possible.


Bow Brands:

Closed Sunday & Monday
Tuesday- Friday
Saturday 10am-4pm
Tucson store only